Are you protected from canine chaos? Home insurance

If like me you have a dog, you’ll know that they can be cute, loving… and a whole heap of trouble! Aviva1 recently backed this up when it revealed some of the company’s more noteworthy pet-related claims.

From the pooch who turned on a tap and flooded his owners’ kitchen, to the pup who pulled their owners laptop into a full fish tank, man’s best friend has a knack for mess-making.

According to research, households acquired 3.2 million pets in the year to March 2021. But how many of those households have since upped their home insurance to protect themselves against the additional risk? If you have recently acquired a pet, it’s worth getting in touch to assess whether your insurance is adequate for your needs.

As with all insurance policies, conditions and exclusions will apply

1 Aviva, 2022


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