What is Health Insurance?

Private Medical Insurance (PMI) in the UK is a type of health insurance that provides access to private medical facilities and treatments for policyholders who fall ill or require medical attention. With PMI, policyholders can bypass long waiting lists and receive prompt and high-quality medical care in private hospitals, clinics, and treatment centres.

Private Medical Insurance policies typically cover the cost of medical consultations, diagnostic tests, surgeries, hospital stays, and other treatments that are not available through the National Health Service (NHS). Policyholders pay a monthly or annual premium to their insurance provider to receive these benefits.

While the NHS provides free healthcare to all UK citizens and residents, the system can be overburdened, leading to long wait times for non-emergency treatments. PMI offers an alternative option for those who want faster access to medical care or prefer to have more control over their treatment options.

* As with all insurance policies, conditions and exclusions will apply.

Why Choose Health Insurance?

Fast Access

Removing the uncertainty of NHS waiting lists by giving you access to medical care at a time and place that suits you.

Latest drugs

Access to a wider range of drugs and treatment, including those which might not yet be approved for use or pais for by the NHS.

Flexible cover

Cover Options that give you control over your plan and costs.

Comfort and privacy

The comfort and privacy of your own room - eliminating concerns about shared wards.

Choice of Hospital

Easy access to hundreds of quality private hospitals in the UK and the freedom to choose where and when you're treated.

Choice of Consultant

The freedom to choose a consultant for a specific claim.

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Frequently Asked PMI Questions

Health Insurance or often referred to as Private Medical Insurance (PMI) is a type of insurance policy that provides individuals with access to private healthcare and medical treatment. It can cover the cost of consultations with specialists, diagnostic tests, surgery, hospital stays, and other medical treatments

The NHS is a publicly funded healthcare system that provides medical treatment and care to all UK residents. PMI provides individuals with the option to receive medical treatment and care in a private healthcare setting, with shorter waiting times and greater flexibility in terms of treatment and care.

PMI policies can vary, but typically cover inpatient, outpatient, and day-patient treatment, cancer treatment, mental health treatment, and physiotherapy. Additional options may include dental and optical cover, therapies cover, and overseas cover.

The cost of PMI varies depending on factors such as the level of cover required, the individual’s age and health status, and the provider chosen. Policies can range from a few hundred pounds per year to several thousand pounds per year.

Yes, having PMI does not affect an individual’s access to NHS services. PMI is designed to provide additional medical treatment options and care in a private healthcare setting.

This can vary between providers and policies. Some PMI policies may exclude coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, while others may cover these conditions with certain limitations or restrictions. It’s important to carefully review the policy documentation and speak with the provider to fully understand any exclusions or restrictions.

Yes, PMI policies typically provide individuals with the flexibility to choose which hospital or specialist they would like to receive treatment from, subject to availability and other policy limitations.

Whether private medical insurance is worth it depends on an individual’s personal circumstances and healthcare needs. PMI can offer faster access to specialist care and procedures, which can be important for those who need medical treatment urgently. However, PMI can be expensive, and some people may prefer to rely on the NHS for their healthcare needs.

To choose the right private medical insurance policy, individuals should assess their healthcare needs, review the policy’s coverage, check the network of providers, consider the cost, compare policies, and read the fine print before signing up

Common exclusions for private medical insurance include pre-existing conditions, cosmetic procedures, fertility treatment, experimental treatments, and mental health treatment. It’s important to review the policy’s exclusions and limitations carefully to ensure that the policy meets your healthcare needs.