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In the seller’s market of the pandemic years, properties have been changing hands at double speed.  As the market starts to cool, however, the finer details will become even more important.

Small changes can make a big difference; it’s about making your home as appealing as possible to prospective buyers.  Here are seven ideas for putting the finishing touches to your house before listing it for sale.

1. De-clutter

Removing clutter will make your house seem bigger. It’s one thing for your home to look lived-in and another to have piles of stuff at every turn. That stack of leaflets by the front door? Recycling bin. That over-flowing cupboard of DVDs you haven’t watched since 2014? Charity shop.

As an added benefit, de-cluttering your home is a great way to prepare for moving house – both physically and mentally.

2. Don’t paper over the cracks

Now might be the time to get on top of any DIY tasks you’ve been delaying!  Presenting a well-maintained property shows the house has been cared for, which is something buyers value. When buyers notice problems (or attempts to hide problems) they worry about the extra work that might need doing and factor this into their offer price.

3. Depersonalise

It’s important to strike a balance between personal and presentable. Don’t overdo depersonalising; you don’t want your house to feel like an empty white box. But it might be a good idea to remove a few quirks like family photos and holiday souvenirs so that the buyer can imagine themselves living there more easily.

4. Define rooms

It’s normal for spaces to blur over time. If the kitchen table looks more like a home office and the spare bedroom has become a storage depot, think about converting these rooms back to their original purpose. Defining rooms clearly helps advertise your home more effectively.

5. Think smells

A surprising or unpleasant smell can play an outsized role in informing our impressions at a viewing. Cooking, smoking, pets, and bins can all cause off putting odours. Air your house before a viewing and consider adding floral scents like orange and jasmine.

6. Inside out

Don’t forget the outside of your house! Many buyers will drive past a property to get an idea of its appeal before expressing any interest. If you can tidy the garden or driveway, clean the windows, and give the front door a lick of paint, your property will make a great first impression.

7. Green is good

Small improvements in the garden can increase the appeal of a property.  Weeding, cutting the grass and adding a few decorative touches are simple, cost-effective ways to improve how your house is perceived.

Here to help

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