Affordable Health Insurance

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Fast access to private medical healthcare when you need it most.

Latest drugs

Access to a wider range of drugs and treatment, including those which might not yet be approved for use or pais for by the NHS.

Flexible cover

Cover Options that give you control over your plan and costs.

Comfort and privacy

The comfort and privacy of your own room – eliminating concerns about shared wards.

Choice of Hospital

Easy access to hundreds of quality private hospitals in the UK and the freedom to choose where and when you’re treated.

Choice of Consultant

The freedom to choose a consultant for a specific claim.

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Affordable Health Insurance

Private health insurance is a type of insurance coverage that individuals or families can purchase from private insurance companies. It provides additional healthcare benefits beyond what is typically covered by government-funded healthcare systems or public health insurance programs. Private health insurance offers a range of benefits that can include coverage for medical services, hospital stays, prescription medications, specialist consultations, and preventive care.

Here are some key points about private health insurance:

  1. Coverage and Benefits: Private health insurance plans vary in terms of coverage and benefits. They often offer more extensive coverage than public health insurance, allowing individuals to access a broader range of healthcare services and treatments. The specific benefits will depend on the policy and premium level chosen.

  2. Cost: Private health insurance policies come with monthly or annual premiums that individuals or families must pay to maintain coverage. The cost of premiums varies based on factors such as the level of coverage, the insurer, the individual’s age and health status, and the deductible and co-payment requirements.

  3. Access to Care: Private health insurance can provide access to private healthcare facilities, specialists, and hospitals. This can lead to shorter waiting times for certain treatments and the ability to choose healthcare providers and facilities based on personal preferences.

  4. Flexibility: Private health insurance plans often offer more flexibility in terms of healthcare choices. Individuals can have more control over their healthcare decisions, such as selecting their preferred doctors, hospitals, and treatment options.

  5. Supplementary Coverage: Private health insurance can serve as supplementary coverage, filling gaps left by public health insurance plans. It can cover additional services like dental care, vision care, physiotherapy, mental health services, and alternative therapies, depending on the policy.

  6. Pre-existing Conditions: Private health insurers may have different policies regarding pre-existing conditions. Some may exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions or impose waiting periods before providing coverage for such conditions. It’s important to carefully review the terms and conditions of the policy before purchasing private health insurance.

  7. Employer-Sponsored Plans: Many employers offer private health insurance as part of their employee benefits package. These plans often provide group coverage at a discounted rate and may have additional perks or features.

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